Positive Forward Planning comprises a group of professionals brought together by the Caesar and Howie Law Group.  The group includes Independent Financial advisers, Law firms and Accountants.  We are all committed to the main aim of the group which is to encourage individuals and families to plan positively for their futures and for this planning to include how best to deal with even the very worst lifetime events which we may all face.   Our members are all committed to granting a full free consultation to all applicants.  Positive Forward Planning benefits all people, young or old, rich or poor.   Many of our services are free and indeed some legal work we do can be done for no cost under the legal aid scheme.  It is never to late too early to start planning – and we are here to help.

Members of our group are listed alphabetically below.

The Caesar and Howie Group – Law 

Candour Ltd – Independent Financial Advisers

Campbell Dallas  - Independent Financial Advisers and Accountants

Rothco Independent Mortgages Ltd – Independent Financial Advisers

Henderson Stone – Mortgage & Financial Advisors

Alan Wedderburn – Independent Financial Adviser