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The Positive Forward Planning initiative is a project involving a group of legal and financial professionals brought together by Caesar and Howie, the Central Scotland Law Group.  We all share the same core belief – that the significant life events we all may and will face – from redundancy, ill health, incapacity, and through to death itself are much better dealt with by positive forward planning.  When individuals do that we know that they and their families deal much better with those events which can overwhelm, divide and destroy families.

We really believe in what we do – because we have seen the benefits of positive forward planning – just as we have seen the desperate results of no planning.

We hope this site encourages you to share our beliefs – and better still to take action yourself to plan for the future of you and your family.

Please don’t stop reading here – don’t put things off until you are older – prepare sensibly for the future – starting now.

Pick up the phone and ask for a consultation or request one online  – it is absolutely free. 0845 855 99 44

Have you positively planned for the future?  Take our family care quiz and find out!


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